Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lots of New Books for the Matipwili Community Library

Always in need of books the library in Matipwili this week received a large donation from one of the 'Friends of Kisampa'. Through him we were able to go to Dar es Salaam and buy various books to help stock the shelves in our growing library. Having been to three different shops we came back with a variety of school text books, dictionaries, novels, plays, poetry books, reference books, picture books of all levels as well as some maps and a large globe.

There was great excitement in the village when the books were presented to the village chairman, Mwinyikiti Mrisho, by our Community Liaison Officer, Bori.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The President visits Matipwili Secondary School

The other day the President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete Mrisho paid an impromptu and unofficial visit to Matipwili Secondary School.
We were invited to be there for this very special occasion and set off full of expectation.
The secondary school is about three kilometres from the village which prevented many from being able to see their President.
However, there was a sizeable crowd gathered when the cavalcade drew up and the President and his wife arrived.
The village committee and elders were introduced to the President as were the secondary school staff. We were also introduced to him and he congratulated us and thanked us for the work we do for Matipwili especially in education. He told us that he had often flown over Kisampa and noticed our air strip and wondered whose it was!
The headmaster of the Secondary School addressed the President and gave him an outline of the achievements of the school and also the difficulties it is facing.
The President listened carefully and then addressed the gathered crowd.
Then, while walking around he chatted amiably to anyone who happened to be close after which he left.

We all agreed that his visit had been very special that Mr Kikwete has a very friendly manner and seems genuinely interested in the affairs of his people.

Shakila has operation to help her see straight

Four year old Shakila, the daughter of one of our Kisampa staff members, was born with a severe squint. With the help of one of the Friends of Kisampa she went to Dar es Salaam to have an operation to help her see better.
A fortnight later she came home totally recovered and with perfect sight.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Matipwili gets a New Village Office and a Library

         Matipwili is to get a new Village Office and a Library through the generosity of some of the guests who have visited Kisampa.
The people of Matipwili have long needed a new office and their wish has been granted along with the added bonus of a village library.

Two containers have been purchased and transported to the village and will be placed side by side with a space between them.  A large roof will be built over the two leaving a covered meeting area which will be very useful.

Sponsored Students

The secondary school in Matipwili is now in its third year and the 2009 school year started with a record number of students registering. 
There have been a few developments at the school..... the staff houses are nearing completion and a hostel for girls is almost ready for occupation.  This will mean that girls from other villages will be housed on site rather than in the village and will be saved the three kilometer walk to and from the village every day.
Friends of Kisampa are now sponsoring 52 secondary students from Matipwili....these are all young people who, without sponsorship, would probably not be able to continue their education.
A good many are orphans and all the others have only one parent, some of whom are unable to work. Some of the sponsored students are in their fourth year of education and, of course, we have students who have just started on the first of their five years. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Students and staff from Scotch College and Presbyterian Ladies College in Perth, Western Australia recently visited us at Kisampa and spent most of their time working in the village renovating the Primary School.

Their task had begun long before they left home as they worked hard to raise funds for their project.

Armed with heaps of energy, and eagerness as well as cement, corrugated iron, paint, brushes,tools, overalls and gloves the 24 students and 6 staff set to work.

In four days they completely renovated four classrooms in the school from dark and dingy rooms with leaking roofs and no doors to light, airy, welcoming and clean places to learn.

And all the while they had a lot of fun, made friends in the village, learned some Kiswahili and impressed us all with their drive and enthusiasm.

They have left funds for the sponsorship of a needy student through Secondary School so our ties with the Perth schools will be continued.

Asante Sana Scotch College and Presbyterian Ladies College.

KARIBU TENA KISAMPA AND are very welcome to visit Matipwili and Kisampa again!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fish Farming Project

In partnership with Team Canzania we are setting up fish farming trials in order to learn more about maximising the fish resources we have in and close to our river.

Team Canzania, a group of Canadians interested in assisting our community, have raised funds which have enabled us to engage a team of consultants who are teaching us and our villagers new ways of sustainable fish farming.

The river Wami which borders Kisampa and Matipwili is a perfect place for the trials as it has many ox bow lakes.
We have two sites, one at Kisampa, one at a sub village called Mingogi.

Brushwood parks have been constructed and are in place. To make such a 'park' small branches are cut, dried and placed very close together in an area of about 15 square metres in the ox bow lake during the dry season.
When it rains the area fills with water, algae grows on the branches in the brushwood park attracting fish which enjoy the protected environment with plentiful food.
After the rains the area is harvested by netting the perimeter. The branches are then removed and stored until the next season.

We are hoping to be able to harvest fish in this way twice a year as we have two rainy seasons. Statistics from other areas have shown that fish production in brushwood parks can be increased by about 500 to 600%. This would dramatically increase the food production especially protein, for our local community.

So far the trials are on course...the branches have been set, the rains have fallen, we just have to wait a couple of months until our first harvest.